1. Price Policy


Product’ name Specification Unit Unit price Promotion
Hefeweissbier Beer 5.4% Vol – Bottle 20 x 500ml box 1320,000đ  
Hefeweissbier Dunkel Beer 5.3% Vol – Bottle 20 x 500ml box 1320,000đ  
Kristall Weissbier 5.4% Vol – Bottle 20 x 500ml box 1320,000đ  
Combo (Hefeweissbier, Dunkel, Kristall Weissbier) + 1 Glass 3 x 500ml 3 bottle + 1 glass 275,000đ  
Combo 4 chai (Hefeweissbier, Dunkel, Kristall Weissbier) 4 x 500ml 4 bottles 285,000đ  
Bia Hefeweissbier  5.4% Vol – bottle 24 x 330ml box 1320,000đ  
  1. Must reach the monthly turnover of VND 100,000,000 / month. If 2 months do not reach sales, the contract will be canceled
  2. Sales bonus if: 1 month’s turnover is over VND 150 million, 2% will be

1 quarter with VND 480,000,000 and above is entitled to a 2% reward

1 year of reaching 1.6 billion vnd or more receive 2%

  1. Prices do not include shipping costs, VAT
  2. Shipping policy
  3. The company free delivery in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City. Other provinces send through the garage and get a shipping fee of VND 1,000 / bottle
  4. Payment:
  • Payment in cash or bank transfer. Payment of 100% of the order value
  • Bank information:
Account number 700 014 556218
Account holder Bestbuy & Beverage Vietnam Joint Stock Company
Bank name Shinhan Bank Vietnam Limited
Branch Vinhomes Tan Cang, Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh


  1. Delivery Time

Delivery within 1-3 days of receiving full payment in item 2

  1. Return policy

Not applicable for delivery, only apply for exchange within 60 days based on the order with the following provisions:

– Bottle thickness: Not exchangeable

– Do not change the sample company announced to drop samples

– Can be changed to any item, any other type

– Exchanges must ensure the quality is not crumpled or damaged unless the product has a technical defect

– Value of innovative goods must be 30% greater than the value of sent goods.

– Exchange customers beer all shipping costs

– When exchanging goods, customers enclose with the list of exchanged goods

  1. Minimum order

The first order of at least VND 50,000,000 will be discounted 10% (support for branding, and support for brand promotion, create promotions to stimulate monthly demand, support digital marketing assistance) implemented by the company. Get 3% trial product discount based on order amount.